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Mind your own carbon.

It’s your business, to invest in the future of our planet.

The Value of Zero

Carbon Neutrality by 2050. Help us accelerate the healing of the planet by managing your personal carbon footprint, not someone else's.


Join the mission:

Capturing over 128 million tonnes of CO2 by 2027, equivalent to 19.8 million square metres of reforestation a year.


Every Australian can access

Be in control of carbon capture with our digital tokens, the only national 'climate currency’ backed by the Government.





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25th November 2021
Last updated: 09:18am

The NEXT generation of opportunity is here

Access the first digital token backed by the Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU).

1 BETA (BCAU) Token = 1 kg of ACCU =  1kg of captured carbon.

By owning BetaCarbon, you trigger carbon capture and help the planet decarbonise!

A small price, for a big change.

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The year Australia will get to Net Zero (at this pace)

We’ve conducted a study using the ARIMA model and linear relationships between ACCUs/price/time to determine 2112 as the year when emissions and offsets will neutralize each other.

At this pace, only our grandchildren in their sixties will be enjoying Net Zero. In 2021, every Aussies produces around 17 tonnes of CO2 on average. This needs to be under 2 tonnes by 2050 to achieve Net Zero.
We can fix this. Let’s start with avoiding and reducing emissions, let’s start with calculating our footprint. BetaCarbon tokens can do the rest: offset your emissions with high quality decarbonisation projects.

Let’s do this together.

Our Mission:
Let everyday Aussies access and directly control their country’s carbon capture, to drive as many green projects as it takes to save the earth.


True Zero

By purchasing, you accelerate the healing of the planet, towards Net Zero emissions.

True Impact

This doesn’t mean paying 20 dollars to the airline to offset your emissions. That’s a donation, you’ll never really know its real impact.

True Capture

With BetaCarbon, you can keep the 20 dollars and turn them into your digital carbon tokens. You can also buy new tokens. Every token you hold prevents, avoids or reduces carbon emissions. They have real monetary value to buy, hold & sell.
The BetaCarbon Butterfly Effect

More tokens, less carbon


This is how, by holding or trading the tokens, you increase carbon capture or avoidance. It’s a virtuous circle.

Green Projects

1. Green

Carbon is captured or avoided in Australia, under strict regulations. Think carbon farming, reforestation, destruction of landfill gas.

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2. Government

The Australian Government, Clean Energy Regulator, issues carbon credits (ACCUs) to the businesses that carry out green projects.

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3. BetaCarbon

BetaCarbon mints digital tokens, 1000 tokens per ACCU. So 1 token equals 1kg of captured or avoided carbon in Australia.

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4. Trade on

You can securely buy, trade and hold your BetaCarbon digital tokens on Blockchain like you may do with your digital currencies.

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5. Balance your purchases

You'll be able to buy or be rewarded with tokens at check out, for flights, clothes, or any daily transaction to offset & invest in your own emissions.

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6. Impact
the market

By trading or holding the tokens, the demand for tokens increases, triggering the need for more ACCUs & more green projects. Back to step 1!

Donation offset vs BetaCarbon



Retailers let you tick the box and “offset your carbon emissions”, when you buy a flight, for example.

This means ‘donating’ your 20 dollars.


Value Retained

You get to keep your carbon credit ‘donation’. Your 20 dollars turn into BetaCarbon digital tokens that go straight into your digital wallet. So you ‘hold’ your carbon emissions and have more control over projects in your country.

The tip you wish you had ten years ago


The time to buy was yesterday but TODAY is pretty good too.

This is a generational opportunity. Not since Apple shares & Bitcoin have you had a chance to get in so early. The gap between what has been committed to and where we're headed is significant.
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BetaCarbon is the only token notionally backed by the Australian Carbon Credit Unit, issued by the Government's Clean Energy Regulator.

100% Aussie

Promoting high quality, compliant, strictly regulated green projects in our country.

Linked to Govt. Approved

First and only token backed by an ACCU, issued by the Clean Energy Regulator.


Promoting high quality, strictly compliant carbon capture projects in our country.


First and only token to provide mass participation to the previously inaccessible ACCUs.


Simply put: we have no competition. The BetaCarbon token is the world's premium carbon token.

For The Planet

The BetaCarbon butterfly effect: more awareness, more demand for carbon credits, more demand for captured carbon, more green projects.

The more tokens in your wallet, the less carbon in our planet.

For You

Don’t offset somebody else’s carbon footprint. Manage  your own. Have more control on carbon capture or avoidance and support quality  projects towards Net Zero and beyond.

Be early in a soon-to-be $50 billion market.

For Companies

BetaCarbon provides peace of mind, knowing your token is backed by a supply of quality, government issued Carbon Credits.

Help your customers access the premium carbon digital token in Australia. 
Our Team

200 years of experience and Net Zero goals.

Our global team is made up of highly skilled professionals from various sectors: environment and sustainability, banking and finance, software development, branding and UX, advertising, data forensics, cryptocurrency, start-up and angel investing, tech, legal and regulatory.

Two centuries of cumulative experience and one, common Carbon Neutrality goal.

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