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How it works

Australian Carbon Credits Units are issued by the government to carbon capture projects.

We convert these carbon credits into Australian Carbon Tokens (BCAUs).

1 BCAU = 1kg of captured CO2

You invest in Australian Carbon  Tokens as Australia accelerates its transition to net zero.

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Australian Carbon

For the first time, you can take part in the Australian carbon market.

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Capitalise on the net-zero momentum

Companies and governments striving to reach their net-zero goals are driving up demand for carbon credits, which has historically appreciated.

Invest in the Australian Carbon Token (BCAU), notionally backed by Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).

What are carbon credits?

Carbon credits are created through projects that capture greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, such as planting trees. These credits can then be bought and sold in the carbon markets, with the goal of reducing overall carbon emissions.

As the world moves towards a low-carbon future, carbon credits will likely continue to play a role in helping businesses and individuals offset their carbon emissions and transition to cleaner energy sources.

gives you control

Australian Carbon Tokens (BCAU) are built on the Ethereum network. You can buy them via our platform, move them into a digital wallet, or safeguard them with your digital asset custodian.

Government-verified carbon projects

See the carbon projects behind your portfolio, which are verified by the Clean Energy Regulator to remove or avoid CO2 emissions.

Feel secure in your investment

Underlying assets are segregated through a custodial structure.

We hold a wholesale Australian Financial Services Licence and are registered with AUSTRAC.

We have extensive experience in banking, financial regulation, and technology.

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